Travel, in general, is not one of those impulsive things that you do. The majority of the populations often plan their trips so that they do not face any difficulties when they land in a particular destination.

 But there is this very small segment of people who travel to places just like that without having any plans. Without a doubt, it is not possible for everyone to do it. It really takes a lot of guts to go for an unplanned trip. In this article, we will see the pros and cons of unplanned travel.


Many might think that how can there be pros in an unplanned trip. But the fact is there are a few.


Any unplanned travel is more like an adventure. You have no idea how things are going to work out.  There are possibilities that everything will go without any issues. But the possibilities of things not working out are very high. If it is in a place that you are familiar then things are different, if it is a new place, then it is an entirely different ball game, and you need to deal with a lot of things. A better adventure than this? We really don’t think so.

No waiting

Even though most of us love to travel, one of the worst parts of traveling is to wait for the day on which we have booked the tickets. It is a frustrating feeling that we cannot tolerate and is the same feeling we getting waiting on garage door repair companies. That is not the case when it comes to spontaneous traveling. To be more precise it is the exact opposite of it.


The bitter truth that we need to accept is that there are more cons when compared to pros when it comes to unplanned traveling.


There will be a considerable amount that you will save if you have planned the travel. Entities like pre-cooking the travel tickets and accommodation itself will save a lot of money. If your travel is unplanned then you need to settle down to the one that is available at that point of time and you have no other option. In most of the cases, it will definitely exceed your budget

Need to handle tough situations


If your travel is unplanned, then you should be ready for whatever might come in your way. You have absolutely no control over a lot of things. Hence there are good possibilities that you might have to go through some unexpected and tough situations that might spoil your entire travel.

Constant stress

You will be under constant stress when your travel is unplanned.  For example, you might be in a position where you need to vacate your room tomorrow, and you will not be sure of the accommodation. Even if you are visiting an amazing place a part of your mind will be thinking about it, and hence you will be stressed out, and you won’t be able to enjoy the present moment.